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Williams Wildlife Hog and Boar Hunting

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South Carolina Hog Hunting Outfitter

Williams Hunting offers free ranging as well as preserve South Carolina Hog Hunting. Their swamp land areas along with planted seasonal food plots and supplemental corn feedings aid in attracting and keeping our wild hog close to our stands. Stands are strategically placed throughout the property over food sources or travel corridors providing their hunters the best opportunities possible. South Carolina Hog Hunting is our specialty and a year-round sporting activity at Williams Hunting. Our properties are prime habitat for wild hogs which include both Feral and Russian strained hogs. Wild hogs harvested at Williams Hunting typically range from 100 lbs. to 250 lbs., with some hogs being harvested weighing in over 400 lbs.

South Carolina Hog Hunting Includes

3-Day Boar Hunting and Per Day Hog Hunting Includes:

Comfortable hunting lodge

Experienced hunting guide

Southern Home-cooked meals


Field transportation

Game retrieval

Gun Range / Archery Range

Full-sized walk-in cooler

Hog Hunting in South Carolina:

  • Hunters may harvest 1 hog per day.

  • You will be hunting from comfortable elevated tower stands, ladder stands, and tripod stands equipped with rifle rests

  • Open ladder stands and lock-on stands are also used to accommodate pistol and bow hunters.

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