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Tips for Taking Harvest Pictures in the Field

How not to take pictures
How to take pictures

Cellular phone images are perfect for that quick save a moment photo and upload to Facebook and other social media platforms; with these Tips for Taking Harvest Pictures in the Field you will produce quality images to share with your friends and family on social media. The problem with taking photos with your phone is that most people seem to think that you take a picture the same way you hold the phone to your ear, vertically, like the image above. We at WMCO highly discourage that way of taking images in the field because it restricts you from using those images in different forms of media.

Mega Hog Harvest Picture

However, in order to make the most of an image the phone or camera needs to be held horizontally, so you get photo dimensions like in the image above. If you were to take images like this, not only can you post it to Facebook, but now you can also use it on your website, as banners to even galleries, and it displays a nice full image horizontally like the screen on your monitor or laptop.


Another tip for taking quality harvest pictures in the field is to make sure the hunter is positioned arm's length away from the animal and at least one hand is touching the animal. Doing this will give the best perception of the animal. People can tell when the hunter is 10 feet behind the animal in attempts to make it appear larger than life and when the hunter is on top of the animal making it seem smaller than it is. Using these few simple picture taking tips together will create quality content that can be utilized across multiple platforms.

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