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About Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection

About RROC

We are a group of Guides, Extreme Hunters, and business owners that love to hunt. Our motto is "We live to Hunt and Hunt to Live."

Our goal is to bring you exactly what you want out of your hunt with no compromise. Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection (RROC) was started in 2012 to provide the hunting community a place to come for all game animals. We used to list everything from Exotic hunts for Axis Deer, waterfowl, Moose you name it we listed it. RROC and the crew evaluated what we were providing and realized it was not always what we ourselves liked to hunt, it was who paid us, just like most other sites you find on the Internet today. We decided that we would only feature outfitters and ranches that we have an actual relationship with and can stand by our recommendations.


Since we have changed our format each Outfitter or Ranch listed has to have passed a very specific set of rules in order to be here for you.

RROC and it's parent company Walker Media Company, LLC are not responsible for hunt success or the quality of your individual experience for any product or business listed on this website. RROC retains all rights to images, video and content used on this website and can change or remove such content at any time.

By using this website, you understand and except the risks that hunting and traveling is and can be dangerous and can lead to injury or death in extreme circumstances.

From the staff at Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection. 

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