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Shot Placement on a Hog

When venturing into the realm of hog hunting, precision and accuracy are paramount when it comes to shot placement on a hog. Targeting vital organs ensures not only an effective harvest but also a humane and ethical kill. The exact point of aim may vary based on factors such as hunting method, firearm choice, and the angle of the shot. To bolster your chances of success and a trophy boar, follow these guidelines for where to shoot wild hogs.


Where to Shoot a Wild Hog - Headshot

The headshot is a potent method when shooting wild hogs, especially when armed with a high-caliber rifle or a well-loaded shotgun. The pinnacle of accuracy here is just behind the hog's ear, where the brain resides. Keep in mind that this requires a steady hand and unerring focus due to the relatively small target area. A trophy boar's majestic head is the ultimate prize, so this is not the preferred shot when looking for a wall or skull mount, though a skillful headshot can ensure a swift and ethical takedown.

Broadside Shot

Where to Shoot a Wild Hog - Broadside Shot

A hog presenting a broadside shot is a coveted sight for hunters, as it unveils the vital organs for a calculated strike. Aiming for the heart and lung region is a reliable choice, offering a larger target zone for precise placement and a larger margin of error. This vital area rests behind the hog's shoulder, approximately one-third up from the body's lower portion. Striking this region guarantees a swift and efficient takedown, maximizing the chances of a successful hunt and a prized trophy. Direct your aim in the middle of the shoulder, honing in on the heart and lungs. This strategic shot placement on a hog augments the likelihood of a clean and humane kill, setting the stage for a triumphant hunting endeavor and the pursuit of a remarkable trophy.

The broadside shot is Ranch Reviews’ preferred shot placement on a hog due to the high level of recovery. Yes, you may damage some meat with this shot placement, but you are assured to recover the animal nearly every time a shot is fired from a rifle or slug shotgun to this area. Do not try this shot with archery equipment. The vitals do not extend out from under the shoulder, so a broad side archery shot is most likely going to be a gut shot or not able to penetrate through the shield and shoulder bone.

Quartering Away Shot

Where to Shoot a Wild Hog - Quartering Away Shot

When the wild hog is positioned in a quartering away stance, the area just behind the shoulder remains a prime target. The angle of the quartering away shot permits effective penetration of the vital organs, ensuring a swift and efficient takedown. Hone your marksmanship skills and seize the opportunity to secure a well-earned trophy boar with a successful quartering away shot. This is the ONLY recommended shot placement when archery hunting for hog. The quartering away shot is the only position where vitals are exposed and not covered by bone or shield.

When archery hunting it is critical you get the correct angle to do the most damage for an ethical shot. A quartering away shot is the best placement by far because it opens up the vital area and you want to be able to drive the arrow just behind the shoulder into the opposite shoulder or just in front of the opposite shoulder on a hog. This puts the arrow into the softest area for deep penetration through both lungs and the heart with devastating consequences. I personally have over 100 hog harvests with bow on video using this technique. Any other shot will yield about a 50% recovery ratio on a wild hog. FYI a chisel point heavy fixed blade broad head and heavy spined arrow is the best combination for hogs. Speed is not as important as kinetic energy for hog hunting.

Hunters Safety

Hog Hunting Safety

It cannot be overstated that hunter's safety is paramount in the world of hog hunting. Before attempting any shot, ensure a clear line of sight and ethical circumstances that adhere to the highest hunting standards. Moreover, it is imperative to remain well-versed in local hunting regulations and adhere to any imposed restrictions that govern the pursuit of wild hogs. By respecting these guidelines, you not only elevate the integrity of your hunt but also contribute to the preservation of this cherished tradition. 

In the realm of hog hunting, the convergence of skill, strategy, and respect for the wild creatures defines the pursuit. As you embark on your hog hunting expedition, carry these recommendations on shot placement on a hog as your compass, guiding you toward an unforgettable and triumphant encounter with the untamed boars of the wilderness. Each shot holds the promise of a thrilling adventure, a victorious harvest, and the potential to secure a cherished trophy that encapsulates the spirit of the hunt. Good hunting!!

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