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South Carolina Outfitter Review

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NEW Private Hunting Lease Available

Private Hunting Lodge on 125 acres for Whitetail Deer and Hog

Enjoy the peace and quiet of your very own hunt camp nestled deep in the heart of the property. Complete kitchen, two bedrooms, bunkhouse, large communal area with cable, Wi-Fi, big screen TV, and enjoy your very own private Trophy Bass Fishing Pond off the back deck of the lodge. Walk from the front door to your stands each day. Three food plots dot the landscape with active feeders and stands waiting for your arrival. The entire Northern border is a large creek that funnels into a swamp and holds tons of big game. Total hunter capacity for the property is Four, guest beds 2 (more per request). We offer four hunting weeks per year on this property. Two hunting weeks mid-September or early October and then again mid-October through Thanksgiving which flows through our first and second rut. The rut in South Carolina starts about October 9th each year with the first breeding taking place sometime between October 16th and the 26th. This is a rifle only zone which means we do not have an archery season, but you can hunt with your legal weapon of choice, your hunt, your way. You can rent the lodge and property with hunting rights for seven days at a cost of $5,000. For mor information please call 843-459-8866 or email

Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitter South Carolina

Williams Hunting is located in the South Carolina Low Country and is an outfitter that provides South Carolina Whitetail Deer Hunting on over 1,500 acres of pristine pine stands, deep swamps and creeks, food plots, feeders and a monster power line cut that runs North to South through the heart of the property. We have been hard pressed to find another outfitter that provides such a target rich environment. No question SC is not the trophy deer paradise as other states but what they lack in size they sure make up for in numbers. With nearly a 100% sighting success rate, almost every sit produces big game sightings. Therefore, all our whitetail hunts are combination hog hunts as well and if you happen to not harvest a hog on your hunt you can go into the preserve and shoot a meat hog at no extra charge. We Hunt Velvet Buck with rifle from August 15th through August 31st with a maximum total of 2 hunters for optimum success. September 15th through October 8th is our pre-rut and October 9th through November 20th is the South Carolina rut with breeding coming in from October 16th to the 26th each year. That is almost a full month before the Northern rut takes place. So basically, you could hunt from October 9-17th and hit the peak movement phase of the rut and still hunt pre-rut and rut North of the Mason-Dixson line. Youth hunting is a big deal with us at RROC and Williams Hunting is a great place for family of all ages. Catering to youth hunters the success rate makes this the perfect place for family hunting and private lodging. Plus, any youth that needs adult supervision hunts for almost nothing if they share the adult bag limit.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Management

William's Hunting practices quality Whitetail Deer Hunting Management and each buck must be 8 points or better and Does after Sept 15. Hunters may harvest 2 deer per day and one hog per sit. On a 4-night 3-day hunt you can shoot 2 eight point or better bucks, 1 Doe, and 6 hogs without fear of trophy fees ever on free-range hunts.

You will be hunting from comfortable elevated tower stands, ladder stands, and a couple well placed ground blinds for time of inclement weather. Stands are strategically located throughout the deer hunting property around fields, in swamps, hardwoods, pine woods and of course the power line cut. Most deer stands will have both corn feeders and bait piles to give you multiple shooting opportunities.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Services

Whitetail Deer Hunting Services Include:

Experienced Deer Hunting Guide

Southern Home-Cooked Meals


Field Transportation

Game Retrieval

Gun Range / Archery Range

Full-sized walk-in cooler

Game Skinning and Caping

Meat Processing Available

Taxidermy Available

Each deer hunter has his or her own equipment preferences. Therefore, we ask that you bring the following with you for your hunting experience at Williams Hunting: Weapon of Choice-Camouflage Clothing-Good Boots-Small Flashlight or headlamp-Insect Repellent-Rain Suit-Coolers.

Whitetail Deer and Hog Combo Hunts are offered August 15th to December 20th Each Year

Free-Range Hog Hunting Outfitter in South Carolina

Williams Hunting offers free range as well as preserve South Carolina Hog Hunting. Their swamp land areas along with planted seasonal food plots and supplemental corn feedings aid in attracting and keeping our wild hog close to our stands. Stands are strategically placed throughout the property over food sources or travel corridors providing their hunters the best opportunities possible. South Carolina Hog Hunting is our specialty and a year-round sporting activity at Williams Hunting. Our properties are prime habitat for wild hogs which include both Feral and Russian strained hogs. Wild hogs harvested at Williams Hunting typically range from 100 lbs. to 250 lbs., with some hogs being harvested weighing in over 400 lbs.

Free-Range Hog Hunts in South Carolina includes

4 Night 3 Day hunt or 3 Night 2 Day hunt

Comfortable hunting lodge

Experienced hunting guide

Southern Home-cooked meals

Field transportation

Game retrieval

Gun Range / Archery Range

Full-sized walk-in cooler

2 Hogs per day No Trophy Fees Ever

You will be hunting from comfortable elevated tower stands, ladder stands, and or a ground blind depending on conditions. Open ladder stands and lock-on stands are also used to accommodate pistol and bow hunters.

Free-Range Hog Hunts are Offered from January 5th to July 1st each year

Hog Hunting Preserve in South Carolina

Our Preserve is 350 acres of towering pines with many natural ponds and springs for fresh water all year long. Feeders for every stand placement, you will be hunting from either covered box stands or ladder stands. We hunt for meat and trophies within the preserve. Trophy Hogs in South Carolina can go as large as 800 pounds on the hoof and is nothing to fool around with. The Preserve is a target rich environment with a 100% sighting success rate for meat hogs and nearly a 100% success rate for trophies on a 2-day hunt. You only pay trophy fees if you shoot a trophy! Youth hunts with an adult are always reduced in price. Private family friendly lodging onsite with full kitchen and all the comforts of home.

Type of Hog Hunts Offered

  • Day Hunts

  • One Night One Day

  • Two Nights One Day

  • Two Nights Two Days

  • Three Nights Two Days

Preserve Hog Hunts are offered 365 days per year.

Turkey Hunting Outfitter in South Carolina

Williams Hunting offers some of the best Turkey hunting for the Eastern subspecies of turkey in the country. Hunting in South Carolina for Eastern Turkeys Hunters may harvest 1 gobbler per day, Turkeys are abundant and success rates high due to the fact this is an exclusive hunt where we only allow a maximum of 4 turkey hunters per year. This is a DIY Hunt and given free rein to hunt in a variety of habitat from cypress swamps, pine forest, oak flats, and cut fields.

South Carolina Turkey Hunting Includes:

  • Gun Range / Archery Range

  • Full-sized walk-in cooler

  • Skinning Facility

Private Lodging just minutes from the property and accessible by ATV, Side by Side, or Truck. Complete kitchen and grill to prepare your own meals

For Hunt Pricing and Availability Call (843) 459-8866

South Carolina Hunting
South Carolina Hog Hunting
South Carolina Hog Hunting
South Carolina Hog Hunting

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