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Severson Outfitters Hunting Ranch Review

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Colorado Trophy Elk Hunting Ranch

Colorado Elk Hunts

Severson Outfitters is a Trophy Elk Hunting Ranch that offers guaranteed all-inclusive guided elk hunts for management bull elk as well as trophy class bull elk in the 400-to-500-inch class. Guided elk hunts can be conducted on foot using backpacks, hiking gear, and a lot of glassing of mountain sides, just as you would on a back country hunt. However, you can also hunt safari style using a variety of four-wheel drive vehicles and UTV's, or hunt in a blind strategically placed on game trails. A unique option they offer to their hunters is the opportunity to use any weapon. This allows the hunter to hunt monster bull elk in the rut with rifles, or you can use a crossbow; where you typically would not be able to on a free-range property. They can even cater to handgun elk hunters and archery hunters alike.

Colorado Buffalo Hunts

Colorado Buffalo Hunts

Severson Outfitters offer some of the best all-inclusive buffalo hunts in the country, at their Western Colorado ranch, that are backed by their 100% success guarantee. If you are looking to harvest a trophy bull, they have a wide age and size range of bulls; from 3 to 4-year-old bulls to monster herd bulls that are 10+ years old. All their trophy bulls have big heavy horns with dark thick mops on their heads and can weigh anywhere from 1,300 pounds to an amazing 2,300+ pounds. Now, if you are more of a meat hunter, they offer meat hunts for cow buffalo as well as younger 1 to 2-year-old bison. The best time of the year to hunt buffalo for big heavy prime hides and capes is anytime from mid-December through the end of February. During these cold months, the hides of the buffalo fill in with thick, soft hair. However, if you are just wanting to take the meat and not the hide you can book anytime as they offer bison hunts year-round. 

Exotic Hunts in Colorado

Exotic Hunts in Colorado

Exotic Hunts for Bison, Watusi, Water Buffalo, Yak, Fallow Bucks and even some huge Trophy Longhorn Bulls at Severson Outfitters are offered year-round. Being an exotic hunting ranch in Colorado allows for an extended hunting season, which provides hunters the ability to hunt 365 days a year, however, the best times will be from April first through the end of August. This gives hunters the flexibility to book an exotic high fence hunt whenever they want. Guided exotic hunts with Severson Outfitters are conducted on foot by glassing and using spot and stalk methods or from a strategically placed hunting blind.

Colorado Hog Hunting

Colorado Hog Hunting

Severson Outfitters offers guaranteed Hog Hunts in Colorado with lodging and meals included. Hog Hunts run throughout the early spring and summer months into the early part of August. Most of the hog hunting is from April first through the end of July. They offer two types of hog hunts, Meat Hog hunts and Hogzilla Hunts. Meat hog hunts are for the hunter looking to fill the freezer and are for hogs that weigh between 300 to 450+ pounds. Hogzilla hunts are for the hunter looking for meat and a trophy, these monster trophy hogs weigh from 550 pounds to some of them weigh well over 700 pounds. Guided hog hunts with Severson Outfitters are conducted from hunting blinds, or on foot by using spot and stalk methods, or for a more exhilarating experience you can hunt over dogs.

Colorado Elk Hunt
Colorado Buffalo Hunt

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