Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection
Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection

Texas Deer Hunting Packages Available

Compasso Ranch

Compasso Ranch is a Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranch located in Talpa, Texas just south of Abilene. A self sustaining whitetail deer herd thrives on this ranch property growing to upwards of 200" class trophy deer. Interested in filling the freezer try the very popular management deer hunts provided at the beginning of each season. Each of the management hunts offers one management whitetail buck and two does. What a great way to introduce someone to hunting or simply fill your freezer at the start of the season with some great Texas Venison. A real family friendly Texas Hunting Ranch with a beautiful Hunting lodge for your comfort and some great Texas cooking.

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Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting Ranch

Texas Deer Hunting Packages​:

*1 mature whitetail buck up to 120” and 2 whitetail doe – $2,000
*Spike and doe package (1 spike buck and 2 whitetail doe) – $950
*Dad and Lad under 12 management hunt package additional $200/lad
*All whitetail hunt prices include hunt, food, and lodging. Guide tips are not included in the prices.
*Turkey can be added to any whitetail deer package, when in season, for an additional $350/turkey.

Their full service Deer Hunting Packages are all inclusive and include gourmet, home cooked meals for breakfast and dinner. Also it includes staying in their 2,400 square foot hunting lodge that can easily accommodate 10 hunters. The four bedroom, three bath lodge is equipped with direct TV, a full kitchen, a covered deer cleaning facility, walk in game cooler, and an indoor and outdoor fireplace; and many more like experienced Deer Hunting Guide, field transportation, game retrieval, gun/archery range, game skinning and quartering, meat processing, taxidermy, and airport transportation.

Each deer hunter has his or her own equipment preferences. Therefore, they ask that you bring the following with you for your hunting experience at Compasso Ranch: Weapon of Choice, Camouflage Clothing, Good Boots, Small Flashlight or headlamp and Coolers.