Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection
Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection

Texas Hog Hunting Packages Available

Hunt F E Hill Ranch is centrally located in Fairfield, Texas between

Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, Tyler and Waco. The Hunt F. E. Hill Ranch offers wild hog hunts that include Day Trips, Hog Hunting Packages which include lodging and meals, Helicopter Hog Hunts, Thermal Imaging Night Hog Hunting, and Hog Dog Hunts. 

Daytime hunts are conducted from blinds and stands over feeders and food plots. Spot and stalk in the Trinity River Bottom or the hillsides of F. E. Hill Ranch. This is a low fence hunt and you will be hunting the large population of hogs that have matured in this lush and dense hunting area.  

Hog hunting at night with thermal imaging equipment really will put you in a whole different level. In the hogs natural habitat when they feel the safest the biggest boars will roam freely. In our opinion this is when you have the best chance at a giant trophy boar.

If adrenalin is what you are after then hog hunting with dogs and knife is the answer.  Up close and personal this is what separates the men from the boys. A fight to the death, once you have control of the wild hog you are committed and better not let go until it's over. With guides helping Hunt F E Hill will be there to assure you have a safe and successful wild hog dog hunting trip.

If leaving the ground on a Helicopter Hog Hunting Trip is what you are after then there are a very limited amount of hunts available for you so we recommend to schedule months in advance. This target rich environment will awe you from the air with its beauty and excitement. No matter your choice, the Free-Ranging Wild Hog Hunting here in Texas will  surely leave you with a smile and a cooler full of meat.

Texas Hog Hunting

Hog Hunt F.E. Hill Ranch in Texas 

*Unlimited Hogs and NO trophy fees for all hog hunting packages.

*A valid Texas Hunting license is required for all hunts.

  • Single Day Hog Hunt:                                    $500/hunt
  • All inclusive Overnight Hunt:                    $1,000/Hunt
  • Thermal Imaging Hog Hunt:                        $800/Hunt  
  • All inclusive Thermal Overnight Hunt:    $1,000/Hunt  
  • Hog Dog Hunting:                                                       CFP
  • Helicopter Hog Hunting:                                            CFP
  • Large Groups or Corporate Outings:                       CFP      

Contact us for availability and other Hog Hunting Trip Packages &  Prices

Hog Hunt F.E. Hill

Texas Wild Hog Hunting Outfitter Review