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Gravitus Performance Insoles Review

Gravitus Trailhead for work boots
Gravitus Insoles Review

To start my boots are not the prettiest or new but they work and I like them but with any boot you seem to purchase these days most of the technology goes into the looks or functionality and not so much comfort. Not to dis any boot manufacturer but it seems most could use a notch up on the insoles. That is where Gravitus comes in and ups the game. When I first received the insoles you can tell they put a lot of detail into the design. The instructions should be followed and recommend a break in period. I noticed after about three hours of use in the yard that they just keep feeling better and better. I can't figure it out, but I really don't need to, I just know that these are the best feeling boots I have ever owned, no matter which pair I put on.

Gravitus Insoles was founded In 1990 under the name Zero Gravity Insoles, which had the primary goal of making custom medical orthotics. Gravitus Insoles has been operating as a consulting company for various orthotic and footwear companies. Early on it became a provider of services for local orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists and physical therapists. The company grew into a full service orthotics lab and it has helped clients around the world, ranging from patients using orthotics for daily common use to professional and olympic athletes.
Gravitus believes that every person should have access to proper orthotics and footwear, they decided to create the best over the counter insole at an affordable price. The new Gravitus Performance Insoles offer a superior patent pending alignment system that replaces the traditional custom orthotic methods and boy do they work well.

How We Use Our Gravitus Insoles

Gravitus Xtreme For cold Weather Boots

I started with my day to day work boots which would be the easiest to break in. I used the Trailhead insole which is the most versatile for everyday use. Gravitus states this design is well suited for long hours of standing on hard surfaces: industrial workers, military, park rangers, hunting guides, hikers and off-road runners. I then put a pair in my rubbers that I use only for skinning and processing which I use specifically on concrete and boy did they make a difference. Usually by the time I get to the sixth animal my feet start to feel it but twice now I have skinned out double digits with no discomfort at all! Understand I'm not a young man any more, just turned 53, so I need all the help I can get.

I also just put a pair of the Huntsman into my LaCrosse Snake boots. I will not say that LaCrosse does not make a great boot and I really didn't feel I needed to replace the insole but it did make a difference and considering I only wear these particular boots when I run Hog Dogs and sometimes it seems I run more than the dogs so it only made good sense.

Gravitus also has a cold weather insole called the Xtreme. If you are looking for an insole that delivers an optimal performance under extreme cold conditions, this is the one. The soft and rugged top cover is made from a quick dry merino wool blend fabric, it is stated it is ideal for temperatures of 30 degrees and below which made perfect sense for my Wisconsin hunting trips. The bottom line is that Gravitus has an insole for both men and women and just about every outdoor activity. If you are an outdoor person be sure to think twice about throwing out those older boots and be sure to pull out the insole from those new boots and see what they gave you from the factory. Invest in a quality insole because if you ruin your feet with something cheap the only thing you will be hunting for is a good show on the Outdoor Channel.

Gravitus Performance Insoles Review
Gravitus Performance Insoles Technology
Gravitus Huntsman for LaCrosse Snake Boots