Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection
Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection

Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting Review

Hunt F.E. Hill

Texas Deer Hunting Packages Available

Centrally located in Fairfield, Texas between Dallas / Ft Worth, Houston, Tyler and Waco, the Hunt F. E. Hill Ranch is offering fully guided all inclusive Whitetail Deer Hunting opportunities and some of the best migratory water fowl hunting imaginable. You will be Whitetail Deer Hunting from blinds in the Trinity River Bottom lands and blinds over-looking food plots in the second bottom hillsides of F. E. Hill Ranch. This is a low fence hunt and you will be hunting the deer herds that have matured and been managed in their hunting areas. The Whitetail Deer Hunting at F. E. Hill Ranch will give you the opportunity to harvest 130” – 170” (+) class buck. Their deer herd has been intensely managed for over 20 years and the bucks harvested annually are the product of many years of hard work. Come experience a laid back atmosphere with laid back guides that love Whitetail deer Hunting as much as you do.

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FE Hill Whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas

*All Deer Hunting Packages are inclusive

Trophy Hunt Base:                                    $3,000
• 1 Mature 130” class buck

• 1 Cull Buck

• 1 Doe
Additional Trophy Deer Hunting Rates (Add to the Base Hunt Rate)
140” class mature buck                            $500.00

150” class mature buck                            $1,000.00

160” class mature buck                            $1,500.00

170” class mature buck                            $2,000.00
Management Hunt:                                   $2,000
• 1 Management Mature Buck

• 1 Cull Buck

• 1 Doe
Meat Hunt:                                                  $1,200
• 1 Cull Buck

• 1 Doe
Other Hunting Packages:
Ducks (All Inclusive)                                   $500 / day  or $250 / hunt